Telugu film music

Thread started by Oldposts on 19th December 2004 02:42 PM

Topic started by MS (@ on Thu Jul 27 22:59:26 .

mm..Most of us have a derogatory opinion about telugu film music and that is quite reflective of the prevailing standards. With the exception of MDs like Keeravaani, the musicians are churning out crap after crap.

But in this thread, I would like to discuss the golden era when balu's romantic melodies like "mallelu poosE", "madhumaasaa vELalO" reigned supreme. This age saw the emergence and effulgence of SPB with him being inspired by some of the greatest tunes of MSV, Rajan- Nagendra and later IR.

I am a tamilian with ears open for good music. Though I don't understand telugu at all, the inherent romanticism and melodic content in the songs make me swoon.

Please help me make a list of good songs of these great singers.


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