Carnatic Music for Tamil's & Everyone

Thread started by RR on 9th January 2021 09:51 AM

I follow my friend Ravi's Facebook series on 'Carnatic music through Tamil songs' , which is a great one. In one episode, he talked about Telugu keerthana's, to which a Tamil friend responded like "I don't think I can ever appreciate Telugu keerthanas!". It made me think because I was like him a few years ago. But recently been exploring the meanings (thanks to carnatic forum's and blogs), and enjoying carnatic music at a different level. I thought like: why not share the experience with others. So here I am.

The idea is: I will pick a popular non-Tamil kriti, get a good rendition of it and then build a lyrical video with Tamil translations. Will be sharing them on this thread.

Please watch and enjoy..!


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