All Tamilians of Tamil Nadu should celebrate the day of declaration of "Tamil Nadu"

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"All Tamilians of Tamil Nadu should celebrate the day of declaration of "Tamil Nadu" State - 'within the framework of Mother India' on the 1st of November as - "Thamilar Peru Vilaa" "very grandly" and "annually"


The Article below was brought forward on the occasion of the "Birth Anniversary" (today the 26th of July) of Late "SILAMBUCH CHELVAR - 'Padmasiri' Ma.Po.SIVAGNANAM" the first "Native Tamilian of Tamil Nadu" who formed the first "Tamilian Political Party" named "Thamil Arasu Katchi" which was earlier known as 'Thamil Arasu Kalagam', soon after all States of India were divided into seperate States based on the "Linguistic Majority of each State".

The "Life History" of Late "Silambuch Chelvar - Padmasiri Ma.Po.Sivagnanam" could be read - at the Webpage having the following URL:


Historically the Tamilians lived in the five regions of Ancient Tamil Nadu which were the Chola Nadu, Paandiya Nadu, Thondai Nadu, Kongu Nadu, Chera Nadu and Aye Nadu (also known as Venadu) - all encompassed within a landmass having as its boundaries the Venkadam Hills in the North Kanyakumari region in the South, and the great Sea as it's Western and Eastern boundaries (which included present Kerala state - the former Tamil - Chera Nadu and Ayenadu, and the Chitoor district of the present Andhra Pradesh), speaking Tamil Language and following the Tamil Culture which developed over "three millenium" in Tamil Nadu.

Around 650 B.C. the great Tamil Grammetical work "Tholkaappiam" states that the northern and southern boundries of then Tamil Nadu were "vada Venkadam then Kumari aayidai Thamil koorum nalulakam (the great region where Tamil was spoken in between northern Venkadam [hills] and southern Kanyakumari [sea])". Further in the epilogue (nootkatturai) of "Silappathikaaram" it is stated the boundaries of then Thamilakam was "Kumari, Venkadam, Kuna (east) Kuda (west) kadalal (sea) mandini marungit than Thamil varaippu". The "Sangam period Poetess "Kaakkai Paadiniyaar" has referred to same as "Vadakkum, Thetkkum Kudakkum Kunakkum - Venkatam, Kumari theempunal Pauvam entru an naan kellai".

The term "Dravidians" was "never" the traditional name used by the other Races of India to refer to the "Tamilians" of Tamil Nadu from 'ancient times'. In the vast array of Ancient and Medieval Tamil Literary Works of Tamil Nadu, in the numerous Tamil Temple Inscriptions in Tamil Nadu and in the neighbouring States, and in the numerous Tamil Copper Plates on Grants made to Saivite & Vainavite Temples (Thirukkoyilkal) of Tamil Nadu - no where have the Tamilians ever been referred to as "Dravidians".

The first reference to the term "Dravidian" is found in the original Sanskrit Epic Mahaabharatha of Sage/Poet Viyasa (B.C.450), that too as a reference to one single race of South India by the North Indians, "other than" the Tamils Race - under the dynasties the Chera (Kerala), Cholas and Paandiyas.


"Sanjaya said listen to me O king (Thiratharastra) the names of the provinces as I mention them. They are.......the Keralas......the Andhras.......There are other kingdoms O bull of Bharatha's race, in the south. They are the Dravidas, the Keralas (repeated again)......the Karanatakas.....the Cholas......"

Mahaabharatha - Bhishma Parva, Section 12

".......and even Krishna himself.......addressing Yudhishthira said That prosperity which the sons of Pritha had acquired at Indraprastha and which unobtainable by other kings was beheld by me at the Rajasuya sacrifice at which besides I saw all kings even those of the Vangas and Angas and Paundras and Odras and and Cholas and Dravidas and Andhakas and the chiefs of many islands and countries on the sea-board as also of frontier states including the rulers of the Sinhalas, the barbarous Mlecchas, the natives of Lanka, and all the kings of the west by hundreds, and all the chiefs of the sea-coast, and the kings of the Pahlavas and the Daradas and the various tribes of the Kiratas and Yavanas and Sakras and the Harahunas and Chinas ........"

Mahaabharatha - by Viyaasa, Vanaparva, Section 110

".......When that host was being thus struck and slain by heroic warriors, the Parthas headed by Vrikodara advance against us. They consisted of Dhrishtayumna and Sikhandin and the five sons of Draupadi and the Prabhadrakes, and Satyaki, 'and Chekitana with the Dravida forces', and the Pandyas, the Cholas, and the Keralas, surrounded by a mighty array, all possessed of broad chests, long arms, tall statures an large eyes. Decked with ornaments, possessed of red teeth, endued with the prowess of infuriate elephants, attired in robes of diverse colours, smeared with powere scents, armed with swords and nooses, capable of restraining mighty elephants, companions in death, and never eserting one other, equipped with quivers, bearing bows adorne with long locks, an agreeable in speech were the combatants of the infantry files led by 'Satyaki belonging to Andhra tribe', retinue with fierce forms and great energy. Other brave warriors such as the Chedis, the Panchalas, the Kaikayas, the Karushas, the Kosalas, the Kanchis, and the Maghadhas also rushed forward........"

Mahaabharatha - by Viyaasa, Karna Paarva, Section 12

"......and the son of Pandu left that part of the country having subjugated the Dasarnas, the Sivis, the Trigartas, the Amvashtas, the Malavas, the five tribes of the Karnatas, and those twice born classes that were called the Madhyamakeyas and Vattadhanas. And making circuitous journey that bull among men then conquered the (Mlechcha) tribes called the Utsava-sanketas. And the illustrious hero soon brought under subjection......"

Mahaabharatha - Sabha Parva, Section 31

Further the renowned Kannada Historian "Shamba Joshi" traces the Kannada Race to the earliest Vedic Race called "Kanna". He further states the "Kalavar Race" (Kalabhras of South Karnataka) as the "Moola Dravida" and "Kanna" as "Arya Dravida". Hence from the foregoing it is very clear that the "Dravidas" mentioned in the Mahaabharatha were no other than the "Kalavar Race", and the "Karnatakas" mentioned in the same Mahaabharatha were the "actual Karnatakas" or "Kannas" who lived in a region south of then Malava (country) present South Maharashtra, though both the north and south regions presently falls into the present Karnataka State. Hence it is clearly evident "Dravidian" was "never" a name used to designate the "then Tamilians of the Chera, Chola, Paandiya, Kongu & Thondai(mandala) countries" - the regions which covered the present Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

However in the eighteenth century "Robert Caldwell" from the west who did Research Studies in Tamil Nadu in Linguistic Studies used "on his own will" the term "Dravidians" to refer to "all South Indian Lingustic Groups" of South India, namely Tamil, Malayaalam, Telungu, Kannadam and Tulu - but 'not as a single term to refer to the "Tamilians" - the majority community of Tamil Nadu'. Hence all 'Historians' of Tamil Nadu, the 'Media', and the 'Politicians' should "refrain from referring" to the TAMILIANS of Tamil Nadu as 'DRAVIDIANS' - but refer only as "TAMILIANS of Tamil Nadu (the Mannin Mainthar)". It is very regretable to note since of late some group in Tamil Nadu, have begun referring to the "Tamil Thai Pongal Festival" as 'Dravidar Thirunaal' - instead of the traditional term that existed as "Thamilar Thirunaal" completely "misleading" and "confusing" all Tamilians of Tamil Nadu with their "false proclamation" - What are their motives ??? Is it to suppress and destroy the Tamil - Language & Culture, and the "Tamilian Identity" of the Tamils of Tamil Nadu - which has been "their own motherland" around three thousand years???

This issue has been already "well realised" by the great "Tamil Puratchi Kavignar Barathidasan" of Tamil Nadu of last century. The following Video plays the 'song' composed by him - expressing his strong views in this connection Courtesy: Thamilanendru Solluvoam - composed by Puratchi Kavignar Barathidasan - INRECO - YouTube

During the period of British Rule of India there had been some States ruled by their own Princes under the authority of the Viceroy of India of the British Government paying revenues to them, and the other States which had been under the direct rule of the Regional Governors appointed by the same Viceroy of India paying revenues to the British Government.

During the period of British Rule, in the south of India there existed a demarkated State named as "Madras Presidency" which comprised parts of the present Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tulu, and entire Tamil Nadu.

With the Independence of India from British Rule in the year A.D.1947, the earlier demarkated "Madras Presidency" continued to exist and the Heads of the Princely States and Governers of other States appointed by the Central Government of India continued to rule their respective regions. However the powers of the Princes in the Princely States were reduced, and in the other States their own Chief Ministers were elected to form their respective Governments under the authority of the Central Government.

In in the year A.D.1956 the Central Government of India partitioned whole of India in to New States based on the Linguistic concentration of people in each region. Thus came in the New Union Territories of India each with a new name of it's own. Accordingly the region which was with predominantly Tamil Speaking people was named as Madras State". However with the great efforts of the Tamil Leaders 'especially' "Thiagi Sankaralinganaar" of this period of Vilupuram - Madras State who fasted to death for the cause of renaming Madras State as "Thamilakam''.

However it was during the rule of C.N.Annadurai as Chief Minister the name of 'Madras State' very correctly and rightfully changed into "Tamil Nadu" fulfilling the great cause of "Thiagi Sankaralinganar" by a legislation in the State Government Assembly and approval of the Central Govenment of India in the year A.D.1968. "Tamil Nadu" has been the traditional homeland of the "Native Tamilians" speaking Tamil - over 3000 years, where they are still the majority being 89.43% of Tamil Nadu's total population

Many States of India are celebrating the First day of November as the day of declaration of their "New States" with "New Names" on the basis of Language presently 'predominantly spoken' in the respective regions. In this process Tamil Nadu, has lost parts of their historically traditional lands to the other States.

Thamil Thaai Vaalththu Vaalvinil Semmaiyai Seipaval Neeye

The Tamil Nadu Government too should annually celebrate this day in a very grand way as "Thamilar Peru Villa" in the Government and Private Offices and Workplaces, Schools, Colleges and Universiies, Public Cultural & Social Institutions, commencing with the flag hoisting and "Tamil Thaai Vaalthu" sung in chorus followed by enlightening speeches by great Tamil Scholars on the greatness of Tamil Language - History, Fine Arts, Culture, Social & Religious Traditions, Handcrafts, Traditional Tamil Foods & Dress Forms, on Social Functions and how they are celebrated followed by Music, Dance & Drama Recitals, Historical and Cultural Exhibitions etc etc throughout every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu, enlightening all Tamilians on their glorious past and on Tamil Language, History and Culture and Fine Arts and Sciences.

The District Map of Tamil Nadu {Use Stereo Ear Phone or Head Phone}

Important Note: In the above song it is very correct to change the existing phrase as "....Thekkanamum Athi sirantha Dravida nal thiru Naadum....." to ".....Thekkanamum, Dravidamum, Athi sirantha "Thamil nal thiru Naadum"...."

"Tamil Nadu" has been the motherland of "Native Tamils" over 3000 years, "where they are still the majority being 89.43%" as per the Tamil Nadu Ethinic Statistics of the year 2001."Thamil Nadu" is for Tamils - like how Andhra is for Telugus, the Karnaataka is for Kannadas, and Kerala is for Malayaalees".

The other Races born or settled in Tamil Nadu should be "very faithfull" to Tamil Nadu their adopted State for living in India, and work "for it's healthy growth and development" "living very amicably and peacefully" with the "Native Tamils". This reminds of two 'lines' in a Tamil Song in one of the Tamil Films produced in Tamil Nadu as "UPPITTA THAMIL MANNAI NAAN MARAKKA MAATTEN - KATCHIHALAI PATHAVIHALAI NAAN VIRUMBA MAATEN". That should be their Motto.

Statistics of Ethinic Groups in Tamil Nadu :

Further Viyaasar's original Sanskrit Mahabharatha very positively confirms that "Dravidians" have never been the name of Tamils or the people of Tamil Nadu at any time, "but was the name of a section of people who were living at that time in the present South Karnataka" The Cherar, Venaataar (Aye), Cholar, Paandiyar, Thondaimandala and Kongu - Tamil kings, were "never ever" refered to as Dravidians. There are no references to Tamilians as Dravidians anywhere in the ancient, medieval and later period voluminous - Tamil Literary Works, Tamil Religious Literature, and very numerous Tamil Temple Inscriptions.

The renowned Kannada Historian "Shamba Joshi" traces the Kannada Race to the earliest Vedic Race called "Kanna". He further states the "Kalavar Race" (Kalabhras of South Karnataka) as the "Moola Dravida" and "Kanna" as "Arya Dravida". Hence from the foregoing it is very clear that the "Dravidas" mentioned in the Mahaabharatha were no other than the "Kalavar Race", and the "Karnatakas" mentioned in the same Mahaabharatha were the "actual Karnatakas" or "Kannas" who lived in a region south of then Malava (country) present South Maharashtra, though both the north and south regions presently falls into the present Karnataka State. Hence it is clearly evident "Dravidian" was "never" a name used to designate the "then Tamilians of the Chera, Chola, Paandiya, Kongu & Thondai(mandala) countries" - the regions which covered the present Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Hence in future all - "Historians", "Politicians", "Media" and the "Others" of 'Tamil Nadu and elsewhere' - should not refer to the "Tamilians" as "Dravidians" - but only as "Tamilians"

It was a group of People and Polititions of 'the last century Tamil Nadu' who have created a "false bogey" in the life of Native Tamilians of Tamil Nadu with the creation of a new term called "Dravidians" as the general name 'for all people of Tamil Nadu', paving way for the 'minority' non-Tamilians to capture politically and economically the reigns of Tamil Nadu over to themselves, from the 'majority' Native Tamils', and gain complete control over Tamilians overcoming them in Tamil Nadu which has been their own Motherland over 3000 years and where they are still the majority being 89.43% of Tamil Nadu's total population.

".......the Film-based Dravidian Politics, which the ............. Non-Tamil (Leaders) in the "Tamil country" cultivated - so blatantly betrayed the Tamils....'Tamils have thus lost their very "Linguistic Tamil National Identity" through the Dravidian trap' the contrary, Kannada, Telugu and Malayaali "ethnic consciousness grew strong" with the formation of the new States of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala".


{use Stereo - Headphones or Speakers}

"Thamil Moli" Vaalththu Courtesy: INRECO A Song composed by Mahakavi (Great Poet) Subramaniya Bharathiyaar (20th century)

யாமறிந்த மொழிகளிலே தமிழ்மொழி போல்
இனிதாவது எங்கும் காணோம்
பாமரராய் விலங்குகளாய், உலகனைத்தும்
இகழ்ச்சிசொலப் பான்மை கெட்டு
நாமமது தமிழரெனக் கொண்டு இங்கு
வாழ்ந்திடுதல் நன்றோ? சொல்லீர்!

தேமதுரத் தமிழோசை உலகமெலாம்
பரவும்வகை செய்தல் வேண்டும்.

யாமறிந்த புலவரிலே கம்பனைப் போல்,
வள்ளுவர்போல் இளங்கோ வைப்போல்,
பூமிதனில் யாங்கணுமே பிறந்ததில்லை,
உண்மை, வெறும் புகழ்ச்சியில்லை,

ஊமையராய்ச் செவிடர்களாய்க் குருடர்களாய்
வாழ்கின்றோம் ஒரு சொற் கேளீர்!

சேமமுற வேண்டுமெனில் தெருவெல்லாம்
தமிழ் முழக்கம் செழிக்கச் செய்வீர்!


"Amuthey Thamile Alakiya Moliye" by Pulamai Piththan


"Vaalka Nirantharam Vaalka Thamil Moli Vaaliya Vaaliyave" by Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyaar


"Sen Thamil Thaai" Vaalththu


"Vanmai ser Thamil Nadu" Vaalththu


"Senthamil Nadu Vaalththu" by Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyaar

செந்தமிழ் நாடு (and not "Dravida Nadu" of Dravidians - but "Thamil Nadu" of Tamilians over "three thousand years")

செந்தமிழ் நாடெனும் போதினிலே - இன்பத்
தேன் வந்து பாயுது காதினிலே
- எங்கள்
தந்தையர் நாடென்ற பேச்சினிலே
- ஒரு
சக்தி பிறக்குது மூச்சினிலே (செந்தமிழ்)


விழித்தெழு தமிழா !!! - நாளை நம் நாளே !!! - "தமிழ் நாடும்" மூவாயிரம் ஆண்டுகளாய் தமிழர் தம் தாய் நாடே !!! "திராவிட" நாடல்ல

"Thamila ! Thamila ! Naalai nam Naale, Naadum nam Naade" by great Thamil Kavignar Vairamuththu

Thamilan Endru Solladaa !!
Thalai Nimirnthu Nilladaa !!
- words of Thamil Puratchi Kavignar Barathidasan


Tamil Nadu should 'always' be ruled 'only by Professionally Educated Native Tamilians'

The "State of Tamil Nadu" too was formed by the Central Government of India at the time all "New States of India" were demarcated on the basis of "Predominently Spoken Language of the respective Regions" in 1956". While in "all" newly formed States of India only the "respective Natives of those States" rightfully received the power to rule their own Regions under the framework of Unified India, the "Tamil Nadu" has been continuously ruled by Non-Tamilians for nearly 49 - years since the demarcation of all New States, as against the rule of "Native Tamilians in Tamil Nadu".

When will the "Native Tamilians" - "the majority in Tamil Nadu" start ruling their own country "within the framework of India", which has been their "own Motherland" over "three thousand years", as against the "Non-Tamils" - who are in minority "in Tamil Nadu" and ruling same - from the time all States of India were 'newly formed' by the Government of India on the basis of Language in the year 1956.

Why should the "Native Tamilians" who are in the 'majority' in Tamil Nadu (89.43% as per the Ethinic Statistics of India of the Year 2001 - be suppressed and kept as "Secondary Citizens" (அடிமைகள்) and as "Beggers" (பிச்சைக்காரர்) for their day to day needs as 'Freebees' - by the Non-Tamils, without "Much - Education, Job Opportunities, Development, and High Status in their Social Life - in the present Tamil Nadu which has been their own "motherland" over 3000 years".

Many Tamilians have also been made heavy Liquor Addicts (Government Sponsored) loosing their "great Intellectual Power and Knowledge" - "to develop their Own Life and Own Motherland" by becoming great Professionals (such as Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers, IT Expets etc etc) and Administrators, Polititions and Rulers of Tamil Nadu, the positions presently very heavily dominated by the non-Tamils of Tamil Nadu. A "Call" to all "Educated & Talented Tamilians of Tamil Nadu" spread World over - to come back and take to Politics in Tamil Nadu, "to save their Motherland" and serve in it's overall development.

When will the "Native Tamilians" be freed from the grip of "Slavery to Non-Tamilians" ruling Tamil Nadu continuosly over 49 - years ? ? ? - and rule Tamil Nadu themselves "within the framework of India". A Song composed by Mahakavi Subramaniya
Bharathiyaar Courtesy: Thamil Nadu Thamilarukke -YouTube Courtesy: Thamil Nadu Thamilarukke - YouTube Courtesy: Thamil Ottrumai Mahaanadu -YouTube Courtesy: Thamil Ottrumai Mahaanadu -YouTube Courtesy: Thamil Ottrumai Mahaanadu -YouTube

Film Director Bharathiraja's Comments on the present status of Tamils in Tamil Nadu in the Website having the follwing URL :

The foregoing is an age old grievance of many 'Native Tamilians' of Tamil Nadu since independence. This was the reason which prompted the former Leader of Tamil Arasu Kalakam (later Tamil Arasu Katchi) of Tamil Nadu namely Ma.Po.Sivagnanam (Silambuch Chelvar) to write as "Engum Ethilum Thamilar allaathaar" in his book titled "Thamilahaththil Pira Moliyinar (தமிழகத்தில் பிற மொழியினர்)".
"Silambuch Chelvar" Ma.Po Sivagnanam - Leader of the former Tamil Arasu Katchi - Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Also during the International Conferance - Seminar on Tamil Studies held in Mathurai in 1981 an old "Native Tamil Gentleman" was asked by another a simple Question which was - "In which part of Tamil Nadu pure and sweet Tamil is spoken ??" The old Gentleman burst into a temper and shouted at him saying "Thamil Naattil enge Thamilan irrukkintraan ?????" - The above two gives a clear insight of the actual situation in Tamil Nadu then and today.


"அரசியல்சீர் வாய்ந்தார்"
The "Thamil Puratchi Kavignar Barathidasan's" advice to the "Politicians & People of Tamil Nadu" - on this grave situation

Paadal No 1

"தமிழாய்ந்த தமிழன்தான் தமிழ்நாட்டின் முதலமைச்சாய் வருதல் வேண்டும்".
தமிழ்ப்பகைவன் முதலமைச்சாய்த் தமிழ்நாட்டில் வாராது தடுத்தல் வேண்டும்.
நமை வளர்ப்பான் நந்தமிழை வளர்ப்பவனாம்! தமிழ் அல்லால் நம்முன்னேற்றம்
அமையாது. சிறிதும் இதில் ஐயமில்லை, ஐயமில்லை அறிந்து கொண்டோம்

தமிழெங்கே? தமிழன்நிலை என்ன? எனத் தாமறியாத் "தமிழர் என்பார்"
"தமிழர் நலம் காப்பவராய் அரசியலின் சார்பாக வரமுயன்றால்"
இமைப்போதும் தாழ்க்காமல் எவ்வகையும் கிளர்ந்தெழுதல் வேண்டும்!
நம்மில் (Thamilaril)
அமைவாக ஆயிரம்பேர் அறிஞர் உள்ளார் எனமுரசம் ஆர்த்துச் சொல்வோம்

நகராட்சி சிற்றூரின் நல்லாட்சி மாவட்ட ஆட்சி என்று
புகல்கின்ற பலஆட்சிக் கழகங்கள் எவற்றினுமே புக நினைப்பார்

- "தகு (தமிழ்)புலமை குறிக்கின்ற சான்றுதர வேண்டுமெனச் சட்டம் செய்தால்
அகலுமன்றோ தமிழ்நாட்டின் அல்லலெலாம்?"
அல்லாக்கால் அமைதி யுண்டோ?

'தமிழறியான்" - தமிழர்நிலை, தமிழர்நெறி, தமிழர்களின் தேவை, வாழ்வு,
தமையறிதல் உண்டோ? எந் நாளுமில்லை! - தமிழறியான் சுவையே காணான்

- "சுமை சுமையாய் அரசியல்சீர் சுமந்தவர்கள்" இதுவரைக்கும் சொன்ன துண்டோ
"தமிழ்க்கல்வி தமிழ்நாட்டில் கட்டாயம் என்பதொரு சட்டம் செய்ய"

ஆங்கிலநூல் அறிவுக்குச் சான்றிருந்தால் அதுபோதும் அலுவல் பார்க்க!
ஈங்குள்ள தமிழர்நெறி அவர்க்கென்ன தெரிந்திருக்கும்
? இதுவு மன்றி,
மாங்காட்டுச் செவிடனெதிர் வடிகட்டி ஊமையரை வைத்த தைப்போல்
"தீங்கற்ற தமிழறியான் செந்தமிழ் நாட்டு அலுவலின் மேற் செல்லலாமோ"?

Paadal No 2

தூங்கும் "தமிழகம்" (= Thamilakam) பறை கொண்டெழுப்பினோம்
தூய தமிழரை "தமிழ்" கொண்டெழுப்பினோம்
தீங்குறு பகைவரை இவனின்று நீக்குவோம்
செந்தமிழ் உணர்ச்சியை "வேல் கொண்டு" (= uruthiyaayi) தாக்குவோம் !

பண்டைப் பெரும் புகழ் உடையோமா இல்லையா ?
பாருக்கு வீரத்தைச் சொன்னோமா இல்லையா ?
எண்டிசை வாய்மையால்ஆண்டோமா இல்லையா ?

எங்கட்கு இங்குற்ற "நரிகளால்" (= Thamilukku ethiraai soolchchi seipavarkal) தொல்லையா ?

செந்தமிழ் நெஞ்சம் கொதித்ததா இல்லையா ?
"சூழ்ச்சி நரி" (soolchchi seipavarkal) தான் நடுங்கிற்றா இல்லையா?
முந்தா நாள் விட்ட பிஞ்சுகள் தமிழை முறிக்க எண்ணுதல் மடமையா இல்லையா ?

தமிழர் ஒற்றுமை நிறைந்ததா இல்லையா ?
தமிழர் தம் ஆட்சி சரிவதா இல்லையா ?

"தமக்கு தமிழகம் அடிமையே" என்னும் சரக்கு-மரவேர் அறுந்ததா இல்லையா ?

It is the "Native Tamilians" who "should rule Tamil Nadu" in the future, within the framework of India being the 'majority' - like how Andhra is being ruled only by "Native Telugus", and Karnataka is being ruled only by "Native Kannadas" and Kerala being ruled only by "Native Malayalees" from the year of formation of new States of India in 1956, with all "High Positions" in the respective "State Government Mechanisms" throughout 'each of these States', being held only by 'Native - Telugus, Kannadas and Malayalees' of these States.

"Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam" had completed seven chapters of a book in Tamil, "எண்ணத்தில் நலமிருந்தால் கனவு தமிழகம் உருவாகும், புயலை தாண்டினால் தென்றல்" - "A dream 'Tamil Nadu' can happen if there are sincere efforts - turning a storm into a breeze!"
Highlighted by Thiru "NOV" - Administrator of Indian History & Culture, "Mayyam Hub Website"

"All Native Tamilians of Tamil Nadu" being the Muthaliyaar, Naadaar (Naadaalvaars), Thevar, Theventhrakula Vellalar, Vanniyar, Gounder (Kaamundar), Vellaalar, Udaiyar, Chettiyaar, Muththaraiyar, Mukulaththor, Iyengaar, Iyer, Mallar, Kallar, Maravar, Konaar, Aathi Thiravidar etc etc, and the (so called) Dalits as Parayar, Pallar, etc etc "irrespective of their Castes" "should unite and jointly elect" "Native Tamilians" - as "Members" to the நகராட்சி, சிற்றூரின் நல்லாட்சி, மாவட்ட ஆட்சி etc at the forthcoming Elections in Tamil Nadu.

Discussions and Clarifications on the "False Dravidian Bogey" created and propagated by some Polititions of Tamil Nadu

Unity of Mother India - Patriotic Songs



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