The History of India has to be completely revised and re-written

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The History of India has to be completely revised and re-written

During the British Colonial Period there remained very less Historical Scholars in South India to highlight the history of their region, and as a result the Historical Scholars of North India wrote the Indian History portraying to the masses that "the early Indian History means that it was the History of Mauriyas, Guptas and Sathavaahanas of North India with Vedic and Sanskrit background, and the medieval Indian History of India means that it was the history of the Muslim kingdoms also of North India with Islamic background". They hardly took any interest in the deep study of the other "great dynasties of South India".

So the modern Scholars of India should not try to interpret the History of India, based purly on the writings of the old out-dated Historical Studies of the British Colonial period and post-Colonial period Scholars of North India, but take much interest also in the study of the new findings of the Historians of South India, and they themselves too should venture into deep original research of their own in the study of the History of South Indian dynasties.

This will enable them to realise the "great historical truth" - that the Tamil Chola Emperors Rajaraja Chola - 1(A.D.985-1014) and his son Rajendra Chola - 1 (A.D.1011-1044) were the two "greatest Emperors of India" in it's 2500 years long recorded history. Rajaraja Chola -1 who ruled over many countries in the Indian mainland covering three quarter region of then India and countries near overseas, while "Rajendra Chola - 1 (A.D.1011-1044)" was the "first and only" King or Emperor in the whole of India who 'in addition' to his capture of regions of India sent many "war ships" across the ocean during the medieval period, and captured many countries far overseas in South-East Asia and brought them too under the Chola fold.

Hence "Rajendra Chola - 1 deserves an "outstanding and premier place" in the 2500 years long recorded history of "entire India". This is why a Non-Indian Historian has rightly referred to the above as "two great Tamil Emperors of Tamil Nadu" of "world stature".

The History of India has to be completely revised and re-written in the light of many new findings on the History of South Indian dynasties in the recent past, to make the new Historical Scholars and new Historical Students be aware that the - true History of India is not simply the History of North India as wrongly portrayed by the Colonial and Post-Colonial period Scholars, but is a combination of the Histories of "all dynasties" of North, South, East, West and Central India.

Also it is high time the Indian Historical Scholars of modern age India got rid of the "false notions that prevailed in India up to the recent past", that all languages of India had their roots from the "Sanskrit Language" and that all religions in India had their roots from "Vedic religion", which can be disproved with evidences as a "false bogey" spread by "irresponsible Scholars" of the British Colonial period and post Colonial period North India.

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