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I love chess, but let me just say, as a player, I'm a total beginner.

As someone who is originally from Tamil Nadu, I am deeply proud that Viswanathan Anand held the title of World Chess Champion for six years, from 2007 to 2013. I was disappointed when he lost the match with Magnus Carlsen, but let's duly applaud Carlsen, and let's move forward.

So Anand has been slightly unclear on whether he intends to challenge for the World Champion title again. Here's a news article from Chessbase. In an interview with The Times of India on the 21st of December, he commented that he was unlikely to play in the 2014 Candidates tournament (this is the tournament that decides who will challenge the current world champion). However, on the 23rd of December, FIDE announced that Anand was included on the list of players who had qualified for the tournament. Since then, he has given interviews to NDTV and FIRSTPOST, where he has stated that he still has the "hunger" to play for the World Champion title, although it seems he has not yet confirmed whether or not he will actually be playing in the 2014 tournament. Either way, as a fan, I wish Anand all the very best.

We may have a "successor" to Anand - 14-year-old Aravindh Chithambaram of Chennai, performed with a performance rating of 2728 to win the Chennai Grandmaster Open. I do hope this kid will go on to achieve great things in chess!



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